i am johannes. a freelance brand and corporate designer. for more than twelve years, i have been passionate about strategic brand design. i worked on various corporate design processes from strategy to launch for metadesign and esprit – for the last two years as a freelance creative director for different agencies and customers.

i love to give brands a face, encourage them in taking the first steps and follow them while they evolve. to do so you have to pursue a certain agenda: the strategy. to speak symbolically: good dog training needs to be consistent. if you have a good start as a puppy, new tricks can easily be adopted. if you miss this, the old dog never learns new tricks. same with brands. by the way: you see i love dogs – and i love brands.

strategy and identity


you can’t do c without going through a and b. every good design depends on a good strategy. this can be four sentences on a piece of paper, keywords, or a whole research-based strategy. good things are made on purpose. nothing in design happens by chance. design is not about following trends. it is about defining them.

branding and corporate


rules must be so easy that everyone can stick to them. static manuals are outdated as a static design. a good corporate design fits its surroundings. you are not talking in the same way to your mother as to your friends. this is what a brand should do: be real. different channels are different forms of conversations.

editorial and graphic design


you can’t fight harmony. let’s be honest: we see if something is good. often we don’t know why. mostly harmony rules are the key to good design. good thing is: if you know the rules, you can break the rules and make things outstanding and unseen.

ideation and design thinking


design is a way of thinking. it is a change of perspectives solving a problem. a designer is a problem solver. a designer never stays still. his brain constantly works on solving problems. only with a positive approach, you like to invent, re-think and interact with. never take things as given. stay curious.

client list

alperia, ARAG, arte, Bundespresseamt, Commerzbank, Demag Cranes, Deutsche Post DHL Group, Duisport, E.ON, Epson Kunstbetrieb, ERGO, ESPRIT, Germete Heil- und Mineralquellen, KfW, KrewelMeuselbach, Martor, Mediengruppe RTL, Münsterland Milch, PreussenElektra,  Santander Bank, Stiftung Mercator, TV Now, Deutsche Telekom, Uniper, Vodafone, Welthungerhilfe

agency list

Bökamp & Kriegsheim, GSVI Gregor & Strozik Visual Identity, Honiggelb, Kontrast Communication Services, MetaDesign, Supermarket Film, Wegner & Partner, Büro Zeichenverkehr


strategy and identity, branding and corporate, editorial and graphic design, ideation and design thinking, very now and then i am responsible for a fitting brand tonality and a good headline.